Getting Sauced
Introduction: Where I do something foolish, like claim Escoffier was wrong! [1:15]
PLAY Starch-Thickened Sauces: Making friends with a few polysaccharides, or how amylose and amylopectin are your friends. [8:46]
PLAY Protein-Thickened Sauces: Taking advantage of eggs, blood, gelatin, and almonds and other things that cross-link. [4:05]
PLAY Reduction Sauces: Turn (almost) any liquid into a sauce by removing some water. [3:00]
PLAY Pureed Sauces: Finally, now a good use for your blender besides making margaritas. [1:39]
PLAY Emulsion Sauces: Where we learn about the dispersed phase and the liquid phase of mayonnaise and other fun things. [3:26]
PLAY Other Sauces: Did I leave anything out? Let’s see… [0:53]
Escoffier’s system of sauces may have been fine in 1900, but it doesn’t play well with the limitless number of sauces prepared in the 21st century. Rather than seeing sauces as derivatives of one another, I believe that most sauces can be divided into one or more of five categories.
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