Introduction: Why watch this video. [0:38]
PLAY Heat (Part 1): Heat and how it gets from one place to another. [6:19]
PLAY Heat (Part 2): Cooking time and how meat and vegetables cook. How cooktop burners work. [8:46]
PLAY Heat (Part 3): How ovens work. How different pots work differently. [6:13]
PLAY Wet-Cooking Methods (Part 1): A review of wet-cooking methods starting with steaming versus boiling and basic blanching. [6:48]
PLAY Wet-Cooking Methods (Part 2): Boiling for both cooking and hydration and braising. [6:26]
PLAY Wet-Cooking Methods (Part 3): Low-temperature cooking. [2:38]
PLAY Dry-Cooking Methods: Dry-cooking methods including pan-frying, steam-frying, and smoking. [5:48]
PLAY And Now It’s Done!: Testing for doneness and carryover cooking [3:17]
Cooking is definitely more than just the process of using heat to transform that which is inedible to the state of being edible. There is much that can be done in cooking without heat, and heat is but one of the systems used to transform raw products for our evening meal. The more we understand what heat is and how to control it, the better we can cook. Cooking with heat has to be more than just setting a knob or dial to a level specified on a box or in a recipe.
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